Our Mission

It is our mission to elevate the advocacy, collaboration, and education for cooperative procurement so its
strategic value is widely recognized and promoted by government and educational leaders.

Why Cooperative Procurement?

Cooperative Contracts Offer Savings
Balancing shrinking budgets while meeting urgent service and equipment needs can be a challenge. With today's resource limitations, procurement teams are moving toward a proven strategy for the future: cooperative procurement.

How To Use Cooperative Procurement

A Road Map to Cooperative Purchasing
Whether you work for a city, county, school district, or agency, there are steps to consider when considering the use of a Cooperative Procurement agreement. We have gathered information from some of the best procurement teams across the US and Canada.


Your Resource for Cooperative Purchasing
NCPP is North America's premier cooperative purchasing association. We serve as the voice for cooperative procurement through legislative advocacy, training, sharing member success stories, and educating public procurement teams across the continent.

Cooperative Procurement Partners

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