If you have decided to choose the Cooperative Path, but still have questions or need additional information, check out our webinar recordings. Free to NCPP members - simply visit the links below for our past content with expert panelists from both the US and Canada.

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Outside of the Box

  • Outside of the Box with Cooperative Procurement
  • Outside of the Box Construction with Cooperative Contracting
  • How to Navigate the Maze of Government
  • Group Buying Strategy: Does Your Entity Have One?

View the 2022 Webinar Series    

Gain Greater Expertise in Selling to SLED

  • Gain Greater Expertise in Selling to SLED

View the 2021 Webinar Series   

Public Purchasing During COVID-19

  • Have You Thought of Everything?
  • Crystal Ball: Plan, Predict, and Persevere in the New Fiscal Year
  • Public Purchasing During COVID-19
  • How to Navigate the Maze of Local Government

View the 2020 Webinar Series   

Cooperative Purchasing

  • How to Navigate the Maze of Government
  • Cooperative Procurement: Like a Country Love Song

View the 2019 Webinar Series   

Emergency Preparedness: Procurement Superheroes—No Cape Required!

  • The Calm Before the Crisis: Preparation With No Pressure
  • In the Eye of the Storm, Where the Only Safe Ship is Leadership
  • Over the Rainbow: Finding Your Yellow Brick Road

View the 2018 Webinar Series   

Climbing the Procurement Pathway

  • Construction Zone: Enter at NO Risk (Hard Hats Are Optional!)
  • The Straight and Narrow Path, Where No Corners Can Be Cut!
  • Strategic Is as Strategic Does: Walking the Walk!

View the 2017 Webinar Series