Speaker's Bureau

In the world of public procurement, there is never a dull moment! New systems, new contracts, new vendors and cooperatives—there is always something to learn. One of the key roles for the National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP) is to help with that education process in innovative ways that bring meaningful data, materials, and experts to help connect and education the partners in procurement—cooperative procurement, strategic suppliers, affiliated organizations and public procurement professionals. No matter where you sit at the table, NCPP will strive to bring unique perspectives from in-the-know experts to help with your own role. In the end, we are all here to serve the public good—education and knowledge will assist in that goal.

NCPP has available speakers and materials to offer for your regional or national conference. Offered by knowledgeable and dynamic presenters, your audience will learn the latest in cooperative procurement best practices and standards and work through scenarios to help them understand better. Our sample presentations are listed below. In addition, if you have a special request or need a presentation tailored specifically for your event, please contact us. Depending on the location of the event and available speaker, there may be an honorarium involved. However, if our NCPP representative will already be attending your conference or is located in a nearby city, this may be an opportunity to gain a professional speaker for your event.


Offered for public procurement and government conferences:

Cooperative Procurement: Just Like a Country Song

As a huge country music fan, Tammy Rimes also has a famous singing cousin. But Tammy chose a much more exciting career—that of a Purchasing Agent! Combining her knowledge of both, Tammy is passionate about sharing how cooperative procurement and country music have so much in common. Besides buying stuff like tractors and trucks, cooperative procurement is no longer an emerging trend, it is now a proactive way to gain commodities and services. This informative and fun presentation will help you discover ways in which this contracting tool can help with emergency preparedness, construction projects and unique products that you may not be aware of. Highlighting real case studies where procurement teams rocked and used innovative ways to solve their problems, this presentation includes a panel of cooperative partners to answer those questions on emerging issues. Whether you work in a big city or a small country town, sing a different "tune” by taking your cooperative strategy to the next level. (1 hour; for larger conferences with exhibitors; includes a panel of NCPP Cooperative Procurement Partners)

Cooperative Procurement: Creating a Strategy that Drives Savings and Transforms Your Procurement Process

This course is great for someone who is new to purchasing or cooperative procurement, or wants to learn more about creating a real strategy. Understand more about the history of cooperative procurement and government purchasing, discover ways that cooperative contracts can assist in your purchasing role, delineate when using a cooperative may or may not be the best idea; decipher the right questions to ask through the “Roadmap to a Cooperative Procurement Strategy.” (1 hour)

Taking Your Cooperative Strategy to the Next Level

This course takes you past the basics. It’s a way for your team to leverage real savings (in time and money) that cooperative procurement strategy can bring to your organization. Learn innovative procurement tactics of other agencies, unveil approaches when emergencies arise, and plan the set of questions and analysis that is needed to conform with your own policies and how to educate your own internal teams (i.e. attorneys, city council) on the benefits of moving to a cooperative contract. This interactive session also includes real examples and scenarios to help guide that decision process. (1 hour)

Your Organization Wants What? Cooperating to Achieve Your Agency's Social Goals

When a government agency proposes a social or economic goal, it’s generally up to procurement to deliver!  Whether it’s MBE/WBE/DVBE or small business participation, environmentally preferred or green products, local preference, or unique political mandates, procurement has to make it happen through its policies and contracting activities. At the same time, organizations expect to save money—and those differing goals don’t always align themselves. Discover how cooperative procurement and strategic suppliers might help procurement achieve those social goals and still bring forward a best value proposition. Learn to think outside of the box and hear real stories of how other procurement teams have succeeded! (1 hour; includes a 360 viewpoint from one cooperative procurement partner, strategic supplier partner, and public procurement professional)

Offered for the supplier and vendor community:

How to Navigate the Maze of Local Government

Selling to government can be tough. With all the rules and regulations, as well as uniqueness of each jurisdiction, it’s difficult to navigate. Learn from former procurement leaders on how to approach your government clients to create a successful partnership. This is the real deal—the do’s and don’ts as well as how to talk about cooperative contracting. Even if you have been selling to government for years, this session will enlighten your team on what the average procurement team is dealing with as they serve their own customer departments. (1 hour; free to NCPP strategic supplier partners; cost for non-NCPP strategic supplier partners)