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Innovation Trends

December 2023 | Government Teams are implementing new ideas and solutions to solve the ever-changing challenges and needs of their served communities. OMNIA Partners comments about cooperative procurement conclude the piece, which also includes stories and quotes from the Port of San Diego, Deltek, SHARP, OFS, Steelcase and Garland. READ MORE...

Co-operative procurement: Creating a positive difference

November, 2023 | This article shares how Canadian public teams are taking advantage of the benefits of cooperative procurement. Included are quotes and stories from NCPP partners - Kinetic GPO, Element Fleet Management, GOJO, Gordian, Grainger (Finning Canada), TORO as well as educational partner, Deltek.

2023 NIGP Cooperative Badge Awardees

October 31, 2023 | Congratulations! These procurement professionals committed to attending the Cooperative Track during NIGP FORUM, tested for competency on the concepts of cooperative procurement and successfully passed.

Seasons Change

September 2023 | Sustainability is becoming a priority for many government entities and educational institutions to become more environmentally friendly and help solve climate issues. This Q3 Cover Story includes quotes and stories from our NCPP Partners Fastenal, Walker's Bookstore and Volvo as well as educational partners Deltek and Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council.

Global Best Practice: Strategic Use of Cooperative Procurement

August 2023 | Through a MOU with NIGP, NCPP serves as a strategic advisor on the topic of Cooperative Procurement.  Debuted in August 2023 is this Global Best Practice: Strategic Use of Cooperative Procurement. Download your own copy!  

NCPP and UPPCC Announce Partnership

August 9th, 2023 | To formalize their commitment to work together to ensure the continued growth, development and global recognition of the Certified Public Procurement Officer® and Certified Professional Public Buyer® certification programs, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) and the National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP). Read more.

Technology: Solving Problems for Government

June 20, 2023 | New technological developments help government teams to better serve their constituents. This issue includes success stories and insights from our NCPP Partners - B&H Photo, Caterpillar, EqualLevel and OMNIA Partners...

Infrastructure: Taking a Higher Priority

March 2023 | Infrastructure and facility maintenance projects are front and center for municipalities and local government entities. This issue includes success stories and insights from our NCPP Partners - Gordian, Kinetic GPO,  Safeware and WESCO.  Read more...

Oh, the times are a-changing

December 2022 | The expression, "there is no constant, except for change" has been a truism for government and educational teams as ever-changing challenges have been thrust upon them in an unprecedented manner. Strategic organizations are seeking to become more adaptable to address future trends.

Changing the Game

October, 2022 | “It’s good enough for government work.” You might have heard the expression, or even uttered these words yourself. The meaning is simple: low standards, mediocre work, and one shouldn’t have higher expectations. However, when heard by a long-time government manager like me, these words can sting...