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Buying Smart Solutions

June 21, 2022 | With today’s purchasing trends, there seems to be a computer chip or automation component involved in almost every government purchase. Read more.

White Paper - Collaboration in procurement and supply chain management: Cooperative strategies for ensuring continuity of supply

July 15th, 2021 | Supply chain management and procurement processes are a crucial element within every organization, both public and private. Behind every company or government success story, there is a generally a supply chain process that helped deliver that success. Read more.

Trends for the Future

December 20, 2021 |This month's issue of Government Procurement magazine features stories from NCPP supplier partners B&H, Element Corp, Fellowes, Staples, and Steelcase as well as quotes from 1GPA. Public procurement professionals adapt to the changing and challenging times ahead...

Purchasing technology calls for ever-changing strategies

November 1, 2021 | Purchasing Technology calls for ever-changing strategies features NCPP Cooperative Partners OMNIA Partners and Sourcewell, Strategic Supplier Partners Element Fleet Management Corp, BCI Burke, OFS, Trane and Affiliate Partner CoProcure...

Keep Getting Better

September 30, 2021 | Cooperative procurement evolves to meet changing needs...

Public works procurement: Moving beyond transactional relationships toward partnerships

July 21, 2021 | Public works procurement of the past was focused primarily on one thing - the lowest price. However...

Is Fleet Procurement Headed for a Post-Pandemic Rebound?

June 10, 2021 | While government fleet procurement plunged during the pandemic, it's now back on the rise...

Municipal World’s 2021 Purchasing Guide for the Municipal Market

June 3, 2021 | Purchasing Guide from the Municipal World for Canada Procurement Professionals" sponsored by Kinetic GPO, NCPP Canadian Cooperative, and includes quotes from NCPP Executive Director.

National Procurement Month Was a Huge Success!

March 31, 2021 | March 2021 was National Procurement Month. NCPP awarded fifteen ABOVE & BEYOND Awards to recognize public procurement professionals nominated by their peers—see the full list of winners here!

Working together: Cooperative contracts can help small and diverse businesses succeed 

March 29, 2021 | Cooperative purchasing agreements are just what the doctor ordered for stretched-thin government procurement departments...